At Camp River's Bend, young men (Ages 8-15) will find themselves immersed in a community in which adherence to high character living is not only taught but modeled and expected by a counselor staff comprised of educators and aspiring educators. Within the communal living arrangement of the cabins, boys grow immeasurably as they take complete ownership of their successes and failures, and by doing so, they gain confidence in their ability to solve problems and overcome obstacles while enjoying autonomy. With appropriate guidance and supervision, many of these campers experience more personal growth during the camp season than the rest of the year.

The pursuit of the common goal of moral growth leads boys to hold one another accountable and feel a sense of ownership of their camp. As such, older boys instinctively reach out to help the youngest campers adjust to their first time at sleep away camp. These relationships can be among the most powerful in a young man's life and deeply instill the importance of living a life of integrity and helping those who are in need of help.

Through the combination of facing and overcoming obstacles, enjoying new experiences, and living in a community dedicated to a set of ideals, campers and counselors alike look forward to leaving Camp River's Bend better men than they arrived.